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In the past 50 years, the moving industry hasn’t changed much. While the trucks have been improved and computers are used daily to manage basic functions, what the industry really needs now is more efficiency. 

Imagine being able to manage some of the most difficult parts of the logistical process in real time.  Make transit and labor planning decisions based on shipments securely stored in our Internet of Things (IoT) enabled SmartCube, powered by our GURU™ embedded device. Our advanced technology pinpoints cube location, along with the physical, environmental and security status. Our highly durable solid steel containers provide superior protection to its contents while still making it easy to move. Increase capacity and reduce inefficiency by having total transparency into the entire logistics management process.

Our monitored SmartCubes will help eliminate claims due to theft while reducing damage based on improper handling. Moving and storage companies can now have full transparency during the entire workflow process and match the right labor and loads to the right trucks and destinations.

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Isn’t it about time we use advanced technology to lower cost, improve efficiency and reduce headaches?

At CubeMonk, we are serious about transforming the moving and storage industry. Based on our years of moving and storage industry experience, combined with an innovation mindset fueled by technology, we are tirelessly committed to delivering value to both the consumer and our industry partners.

Significant ROI

Our partners rely on us for technology that delivers significant ROI (return on investment) and we measure success through our real time data and your results. We are constantly tackling new problems in our innovation lab to create new, advanced solutions. We want to reduce your headaches, improve transparency and create the most trusted moving and storage experience.

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CubeMonk is committed to your moving and storage business success! Based on our industry experience, we know how hard it is to provide a superior moving experience while managing the bottom line. Ask us about out CubeMonk Partner Program where we can help you grow your business, develop new revenue streams, lower your labor costs and help you enhance your business through our innovative technologies and services.

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