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SmartCubes – Connected technology delivering a smarter way to move

CubeMonk provides intelligent, real-time information from your SmartCube, enabling you to harness the power of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for a smarter, more reliable, secure and worry-free moving experience.

Featuring an embedded IoT device (GURU™ device) that transmits real-time location, condition and security information, CubeMonk’s SmartCube is the only shipping and portable storage solution that brings modern day GPS tracking functionality and other advanced monitoring technologies to the moving and storage industry.

SmartCubes hold up to 1,400 lbs. of household goods which enables a simple flat rate shipping calculation, meaning there are no costly surprises. In fact, moving with SmartCubes costs an average of 20% less than alternative shipping methods.

Traditional moving is plagued with inefficiency and a lack of consumer transparency. Unforeseen delays due to lack of logistical management increase cost and many moves result in damaged or even lost personal belongings. Each year, the Department of Transportation (DOT) receives thousands of household moving complaints, many of them related to damage or loss due to theft. CubeMonk reduces these concerns by creating visibility into the entirety of the moving process through real-time communication with the SmartCube itself. This means you and your moving company know where your belongings are at all times and the physical, environmental and security conditions too.

CubeMonk and its partners offers end-to-end, full-service packing, storage and moving solutions developed to make your move safer, less costly and worry free. CubeMonk monitors all our SmartCube’s exact location, movement, shock, temperature, humidity, if your cube was opened and more. We make moving smarter by providing transparency and take the worry out of the entire moving process.

Considering the rising demand for storage space each year, the cost of safe, secure storage locations has become increasingly hard to afford and most locations are operating without any type of advanced (IoT) technology. Whether it is providing you with the additional storage space you need or just during a long moving process, SmartCubes are the perfect solution for storing your items in a secure and trusted environment protected by our smart GURU™ monitoring device.

The SmartCube GURU™ Device

Thrusting the moving and shipping industry into the digital age, the SmartCube’s GURU™ Device is the defining feature of the SmartCube and represents a quantum leap forward in the moving and storage industry. The embedded IoT device provides intelligent, real time updates through advanced connected technology that can use a variety of communication protocols.

The onboard GURU not only pinpoints the exact location of the SmartCube, but also provides data alerts if the SmartCube has been opened, if the temperature, humidity, or barometric pressure has changed significantly or even if the container has been dropped or mishandled. The GURU™ device elevates trust while reducing worry by providing you with real-time, on demand transparency into the location of the and physical, environmental and security state of the SmartCube.

SmartCube Design Details

Designed for a predictable, secure and hassle-free move, CubeMonk has created an industrial grade, exceptionally strong smart shipping container powered by our embedded GURU™ device. Our highly-maneuverable 8′ x 4′ x 8′ SmartCube provides 202 cubic feet of monitored space that loads easily, can be efficiently handled and rolls smoothly onto a straight-truck or liftgate. 

Built with 100% solid steel materials, SmartCubes are assembled exclusively in the United States and boast unparalleled development specifications that meet or exceed all state and federal codes.

SmartCube Features –

  • Embedded IoT device provides location and condition data in real-time
  • Solid steel construction
  • Easy to move and handle
  • Fits in all modes of transportation for better rates, more capacity and faster delivery times
  • Holds up to 1,400 lbs. of household goods and allows for flat rate shipping
  • Easy to maintain and extremely durable with a long service life

Real Comparison

Weight: 4,480
Lane: FL-CA
Cubic Feet: 640

Cubes: 3
400N Rate: $5,684.94
400N Rate Discount: 68%

Owner operator$3,164.89$2,520.0521.18%
Lift van$3,351.00$2,333.9424.24%
Leased trailer$2,918.90$2,716.1411.78%