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We aren’t (just) changing the shipping industry. We’re revolutionizing it.

Through unparalleled advanced technologies and an innovation mindset, CubeMonk is reshaping the way people think about moving. Our team is dedicated to delivering trust and transparency to the moving and storage industry and we measure success one SmartCube experience at a time.

It started out with an innocent question… “If I can track a pizza on my smartphone that I just ordered, shouldn’t I be able to track my most valuable possessions during a move?”

In today’s on demand, digital society, hand-held technology is able to tell us almost everything about the world around us. The temperature, the time, our exact location and more. With the push of a button, we are able to see where we left our phone or who’s ringing our doorbell. But when it comes to moving across town or across the country, we’re suddenly thrust into a world of darkness, unable to know the location of our precious belongings, and if they’ve been damaged, tampered with, or lost. To us, this was unacceptable.

CubeMonk’s mission was simple. Bring the technology that has become so readily available in our daily lives to the woefully lacking moving and storage industry. We wanted to remove the worry from moving while providing a cost-effective shipping and storage solution that brings the moving industry into the modern age. Put simply, we wanted to remove the uncertainty and worry from moving and replace it with accurate, real-time knowledge. So, we created a “SmartCube” that can tell a user where their belongings are, if their unit has been opened, what condition the cube has experienced and when it will arrive at its intended destination.

The CubeMonk Vision

Our vision is fueled by the challenges in the moving and storage industry, based on our experience and expertise and our desire to make a positive difference in the industry for all participants. The world is experiencing a seismic shift due to technology and meeting the needs of today’s consumer living in a complex world is more difficult than ever before. As innovators, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced technologies are helping us create the solutions to address these challenges that will help revolutionize how we think about moving today.

CubeMonk Careers

We’re proud of our team and we’re always searching for people who share our passion for technology and innovation. If you’re a fearless behemoth of excellence and you’re looking for a fresh and exciting new challenge, please email us at careers@www.cubemonk.com.