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Fundamentally born out of a reimagined moving and storage process. CubeMonk has created the world’s first smart shipping container and portable storage unit. A powerful, embedded GURU™ monitoring device, powered by advanced Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Automatically updated and provided real time data through CubeMonk’s GURU™ monitoring device, via any internet browser that can be logged into the CubeMonk Marketplace. SmartCube’s location is shown during departure, as it moves, once it arrives, and as it’s opened/closed. Also the physical and environmental conditions it’s been exposed to and more. In addition to our CubeMonk Marketplace, we provide the transparency you desire to make the entire moving and storage process more trusted, secure and worry-free.

The CubeMonk Difference

From a one-of-a-kind design, based on innovation and advanced technical functionality. Crafted from the flames, CubeMonk has been engineered to make moving simpler than it’s ever been before. By tracking the location and condition of your shipments in real-time, CubeMonk offers unparalleled security for the items within. Worry and hassle-free loading and unloading made easy with containers that roll onto a moving truck. Connected Internet of Things (IoT) technology provide both consumers and moving companies the real-time data that they need. In order to make trusted decisions with confidence.

Each SmartCube is connected to the CubeMonk Marketplace, which matches space in a truck or container to a load that needs to be moved. The Marketplace streamlines workflow by providing carrier quotes, booking shipments, managing documents, real-time in-transit tracking and automating billing systems.

CubeMonk Marketplace

The CubeMonk Marketplace is a powerful platform that provides moving companies access to advanced technology-based solutions. Designed to lower costs, reduce risks, increase profitability and help moving companies deliver a worry-free move to their consumers.

Each SmartCube is connected to the CubeMonk Marketplace. In order to measure space in a truck or container to a load that needs moved. This helps speed up delivery for the consumer while maximizing capacity for the shipper. Our advanced (IoT) technologies track the location and status (temperature, impact, light and more) of each SmartCube load from pickup to delivery.

Improved visibility and monitoring paves way to moving companies being able to improve their profitability by maximizing labor, automating back office tasks and reducing risk.



Tracks location and condition of shipments in real-time including pick-up and delivery notifications.


Rolls onto a straight-truck or trailer at the dock, is loaded with a forklift or delivered with a liftgate in the field.


Receives notifications each time the Cube is opened or closed to ensure the security of items locked inside.

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